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A bit about the History of TWOS   (TWOS is an acronym for The Way Of Saints.)


‘TWOS Home Sales’ was started in 1993 by my late father, Jerry Micklewright.
A little bit about Jerry . . . . He was involved in big business for all the years I grew up; primarily as a CPA/Chief Financial Officer in several Construction Firms.  Becoming disillusioned by many facets of the business world, he decided to go into a different direction entirely.  Jerry began dabbling in another avenue in which he always had an interest in: Real Estate and the buying/renovating/re-selling of dilapidated homes.  In order to save money in the area of Real Estate commissions, Jerry also studied and obtained his R.E. License.  Joining a Real Estate firm, he was then in daily contact with many other realtors.
At that point, Jerry realized the practice of invoking St. Joseph’s help in the sale of one’s home – was still a prominent aide for many people.  Yet, something disturbed my father.  The tradition was alive; but, in his opinion, not doing very well.  Jerry became aware that many people were already vaguely-familiar with the age-old tradition.  However, the practice became so surrounded by numerous ‘how, when, and where’ details; that, even well-meaning people began to erroneously render the practice as nothing but superstition, magic, etc…  

Jerry then started the ‘St. Joseph Home Sale Practice’ in order to bring the focus back to the very heart of this tradition: one’s faith and prayer.  When done in faith, the ‘St. Joseph Home Sale Practice’ can be a genuinely prayerful experience for anyone of any faith.

Fulfilling what he set out to accomplish, my father, Jerry Micklewright, passed away on June 5th, 1999.   I am his daughter, Ann DeMartino. 

The venture of taking up where my father left off, has been a privilege.  I, too, believe in the strength of prayer and one’s faith – so, learning/running/growing his business was an honor to continue.  I have been working on the growth and expansion of my father’s business through the addition of a Spanish Version for a community known for its religious devotion; creating a Display Box which conveniently holds 12 for the checkout counters; Incorporating the business – now known as ‘TWOS Sales, Inc.’; and as a separate item - pairing my father’s product with the book, St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent, by Stephen J. Binz which focuses on the same principles of faith and prayer.  Also, I am thrilled to mention here that the History Channel prominently featured the ‘St. Joseph Home Sale Practice’ by TWOS Sales, Inc. as a practice that has become an expression of many people’s faith. 


One very special feature of ‘The St. Joseph Home Sale Practice’ is the facility which takes great care in the assembly and shipment of this product.  All this is done at the Pioneer Center of McHenry, Illinois.  Pioneer Center is a Not-for-Profit 501(c)(3) organization that helps underserved adults with developmental, cognitive and mental disabilities.  I am a strong advocate of this facility, believing that the center is beneficial to both the client and those businesses they provide a service to; such as TWOS Sales, Inc. and the ‘St. Joseph Home Sale Practice’.


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